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The timeless allure of Chloe Marcie Micro Bucket Denim. line welcomes a contemporary twist by introducing the Marcie Micro Bucket Bag in denim, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and style innovation. Crafted from Chloé’s lower-impact denim, this exquisite accessory exudes both elegance and eco-consciousness.

At its core, the Marcie Micro Bucket Bag embodies the essence of Chloé’s iconic Marcie collection, blending a feminine aesthetic with a nostalgic nod to 70s folk spirit. The meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the decorative saddle stitches that evoke equestrian charm to the signature metallic embellishments adorning the tonal belts, reminiscent of the beloved Marcie bag.

Functionality meets sophistication in the design of this micro bucket bag. The main compartment, secured with a drawstring fastening, offers ample space for your essentials, while the tonal belts at the sides add a touch of refinement. The knotted chain strap, elegantly draped, enhances the bag’s allure, while the embroidered Chloé logo subtly brands this piece with understated luxury.

Delving deeper into the product details, the micro bucket bag boasts a mainline crafted from sumptuously soft lambskin, ensuring durability and comfort in everyday use. Versatile in carry, it offers options for long-shoulder or cross-body wear, adapting effortlessly to your style and needs.

Furthermore, Chloé’s commitment to sustainability shines through in the choice of materials. The denim utilized in crafting this bag is a blend of recycled cotton and natural fibres such as hemp or linen, embodying a lower-impact approach to fashion production. Not only does recycled cotton maintain its natural softness and quality, but it also significantly reduces environmental impact by extending the lifespan of existing fibres. Additionally, hemp, linen, and ramie, known for their minimal greenhouse gas emissions and low water consumption, further contribute to the bag’s eco-friendly credentials.

To maintain the integrity of this exquisite piece, proper care is essential. A water-repellent treatment has been applied to the fabric, but precautions against rain exposure are advised. Additionally, safeguarding the bag from humidity, light, heat, liquids, and greasy substances ensures its longevity. Following the care instructions provided ensures that the Marcie Micro Bucket Bag remains a timeless investment in style and sustainability.


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